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About Us

About Us

Amman Graphics is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of clothing labels for the textile and apparel industry. We provide many clothing labels, including woven, printed, and hand tags. Our textile labels are praised for their exceptional quality, various designs, durability, and numerous other desirable qualities. These reasons contribute to our customers' widespread acceptance of our entire collection of clothing labels.

Our woven labels, characterized by timeless elegance and sophistication, offer a wide array of customization options, including various weaves, colors, and finishes. For brands looking to make a lasting impression, our premium hang tags provide a platform for creative expression, with our designers working closely with clients to craft tags that authentically convey their brand identity and message. Our printed labels, versatile and customizable, serve as an ideal means to communicate care instructions, size information, and branding.


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Frequently Asked Question

Custom hang tags allow you to create a unique and branded look for your clothing items. They can enhance the perceived value of your products and help you stand out in the market.
Hang tags serve multiple purposes. They provide branding and marketing opportunities, convey essential product information, and can enhance the overall presentation and perceived value of the garment.
Clothing photo cards are typically small cards featuring images of clothing items. They are commonly used in the fashion industry to showcase products, provide style inspiration, and convey information about the clothing.
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